Mentor Program


Within Reach is a mentoring program for children ages 4-12. Many of the children that have special needs require a special person with a loving heart, patience and, understanding of what the child might need and that is to show them how important they are in our world. These children  might have learning struggles, mental health issues, behavior issues, etc.



Leadership Program


Beyond Development is aimed at helping students  ages 13-18 with developmental disabilities gain skills needed to assist with functional living after high school. The program teaches these young students  with social-emotional, as well as interpersonal skills they might not otherwise get in a classroom. Our leadership program will help them garner independence and gain skills to be self-sufficient individuals.




Intern Program

The Advocate is an initiative that provides college students with the opportunity to collaborate with community child care providers to create a successful environment that will promote the growth and development of children and families with the focus of integrating educational goals and developmentally appropriate practices into child based programs.



Project S.O.A.R.

Enrichment Program


The initiative of Project S.O.A.R is to assess and improve the ability of minority students to perform successfully in speech and communication programs. Workshops and training will be provided to give these students the edge they need to increase their chances of being accepted into graduate level progams and obtain post graduate degrees to practice as Speech-Language Pathologists.




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