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Dear Friends and Supporters:


Since, its inception in 2016, The Learning Paradigm has helped to build a support system for families in the West and South Dallas areas, DeSoto, Cedar Hill, and the various communities in the southern sector of Dallas who lack resources for their children who face challenges with disabilities such as Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Hearing Impairment, and etc. We have applied evidence-based practices to our programs that focus on social-emotional learning that aide in providing integrated sports and inclusive-based programs for children with different abilities through our community partners including Dallas Parks and Recreation, Dallas Public Libraries, DeSoto Park and Recreation, DeSoto Library, Big Thought, Dallas City of Learning and more. Because of our presence and community programs, staff in local community centers are indirectly trained to work with children with special needs through exposure of trained volunteers and other therapists that assist with the activities. With great pleasure and passion to see continued growth in education, we are excited to continue to focus on the well-being and support of children with special needs.  The Learning Paradigm operates through the strategic planning process to leverage resources to support organizations, programs, and initiatives that focus on the social-emotional aspects of child development for individuals with special needs.


We have made great strides this year in our efforts to bring awareness to our mission and purpose. We ask that you browse our website that provides information about our Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Focus to learn more about our organization. The Learning Paradigm staff and Board of Directors believes in being good stewards of donations and other funds that are received by the organization to make sure that all expenditures are prudent and in line with the mission statement. Any person who joins with the Learning Paradigm in reaching out to families of children with special needs, whether in the role 

of board, staff, donor or volunteer, can be assured that Learning Paradigm will continue to offer the caliber of service that merits this support. We are excited about our future, and look forward to building relationships and partnerships with you, our community, health care providers, educators, and others who are sensitive to the need for quality and compassionate sustainable care for children with special needs.  Philanthropy plays a key role in our work. Your contributions, large or small, have value in advancing the Mission of the Learning Paradigm to create a healthier community for us all. Every gift is an act of generosity, and we thank you for your future commitment to our success.



Best Regards,


Jalisa Jackson-Polk

Executive Director

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