The Learning Paradigm was founded on the principles of ensuring appropriate and accurate child development programs in our community. As advocates for those with special needs, we greatly understand the impact that disabilities can have on the lives of an individual and their family. With our mentor program, we hope to redefine society's perspective so that there is an understanding that children with disabilities are not different, but may have a different way of learning, coping, and dealing with issues. They need the support of empathetic individuals who want them to be successful and gain functional living skills just as their peers. 

We also understand the importance for the children we serve to grow to be self sufficient and the benefits of social-emotional skills to assist in their development of learning independence. These goals cannot be achieved without educators, volunteers, supporters, and partners that understand how imperative having a positive outlook on life can be for children with special needs. For this reason, our advocates are the voices to bring awareness and understanding to address these concerns with hope that we can make a difference in the lives of the children and families that we serve.

 The Learning Paradigm provides integrated sports, inclusive-based programs, and a family support group to help children with special needs so that more resources/awareness, increased programs, and optimistically the building of a special needs school targeted specifically for the children in the southern sector of Dallas can be achieved.

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